What We Do at MVP Strategy and Policy, LLC

What do we do here at MVP Strategy and Policy. LLC?

We guide "Starters" and "Shapers" as they set, achieve, and set bigger goals to live as maximum value producers.

Breaking our name into three parts:

  1. MVP
  2. Strategy
  3. and Policy

1. MVP

While there are three (and a half) types of MVP, we will  focus on the highest which is a Maximum Value Producer™

When we ask: "Are you living as an MVP?" this is what we mean. We do all we can to make this a reality for and with you and your organization.

2. Strategy-

"The sum of all planning and adaptations necessary to achieve a desired future state."- Shawn R. Frost, P.R.I.M.E.D. to Win

The origin of the word is Strategos (Thinking of Generals), but we've refined the definition based on personal and scholarly exploration of strategy deployed in combat, political campaigns, and business school to arrive at the definition above. We work with individuals, businesses, and non-profits to guide them in these time-tested principles and prepare their minds to continuously operate in strategic mode. 

Strategy is the realm of business and candidates for office. 

We make winning a reflex. 

3. and Policy

We provide Policy Advising services to non-profit leaders, candidates and office-holders in public office and other policy-makers.

Our areas of expertise are:

  • k-12 Education- We are known in consulting circles as the "education whisperers", because we have a deep knowledge of public education policy issues and are often called upon to help candidates for the State Legislature (or School Board) understand the issues, players, and value drivers, from a district perspective all the way to the House or Senate. 

    “As a board member with one of the Florida’s largest school district, [MVP] has been my ‘life line’ on getting the real story and impactful information on the issues confronting public education."

    "On more than one occasion, I have had a news crew on their way to do an interview – I would call Shawn because he could give me the best insights and facts on virtually every issue in a 15 minute snap shot.  Shawn’s knowledge of public education and legislative issues is among the very best I have seen.  He has helped me many times with his insights and clear understanding of the issues.”- Scott Shine, Duval County School Board Member (Jacksonville, Florida)

        Policy Advocacy- We were named "Winners" of the 2017 and 2018 Legislative Session, due to our impact in shaping policy in the Florida Legislature. We earn this distinction through being a trusted resource with a reputation for accuracy and consideration of impacts to arrive at the biggest "win" for clients and policy makers. 


  • Waste Reduction