Strategy for Leaders Workshops

Learn the "Secrets of Strategy" in these intensive courses. There are online components and 3-5 day experiences.

participants will learn:

  • The five traits of a leader (Level 1) online or mornings in bootcamp
  • The five keys to success (Level 2)
  • The Five Elements of a winning position and how to win in competitive environments using the 2600 year beta tested "Nine Formulas for Success" as first taught by Sun Tzu (Level 3)

On site courses also include team-building / personal development experiential encounters such as:

  • Israeli Commando Krav Maga system of self-defense (abduction & Assault prevention) devastatingly effective and easy to learn
  • High Ropes/ ROTC challenge course
  • Kayaking on the St. Sebastian River or in the Indian River Lagoon
  • Equine leadership challenge at Belgian Acres Horse Farm and Rescue
  • Segway / GPmini / GP Beast Electric Transporter operator course and skills challenges / races via the Green
  • Selected movies if inclement weather pops up

ALL EXPERIENCES, while fun, ARE DESIGNED TO ENTRENCH THE WINNING WARRIOR SPIRIT and get the individual and team thinking like strategic warriors. 

The goal of all three courses is to give the participant the ability to answer the question: "What Would Sun Tzu Do?"



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