Portables.jpgAt Citrus Elementary, they are tearing down playground space to put in temporary buildings. Students will return this fall to a new wing of portables.

Meanwhile, across town, they are breaking ground on a 7.3mil (projected... it will be more) office building. This is unacceptable.

At some point we have to consider "what is the mission of the SDIRC?" is it making our administrators and school board more comfortable, or is it providing a world-class education to the next generation of Americans?

Our current board seems to place their comfort ahead of the needs of teachers and students.

Should the children of our community be made to feel like refugees in their own country while the fat cats kick their heels up on their new desks?

I would not support the building of an administration building until the last student is placed in a permanent student station.

We should be building wings to get rid of portables, not office space.Β 

Our kids deserve better. If you agree, on August 26th Vote For Frost!