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Buy Art of War and Politics Book

Want to know how Shawn R. Frost won his first campaign as a candidate and beat a two-term incumbent (who was the sitting President of the State School Boards Association)?

How did he win several other School Board Races as a campaign consultant? 

What made him think that he could create and lead a rival School Board Member organization?

How did his organization get laws passed to create an environment for opportunity?

How did he become a leading authority on shaping education policy in the legislature and an adviser top policy makers?

Most importantly, how will YOU win your race, or make the difference you're out to make?

The answer is simple: Better Strategy

THOSE answers are found in this unique book. 

These lessons from his experience in corporate strategy, along with the wisdom of his mentor, Gary Gagliardi are spelled out in The Art of War plus the Art of Politics: Strategy For Campaigns by Shawn R. Frost and Gary Gagliardi. 

This is an autographed copy. Please include any personalization requests in the comments.




Buy your copy today and learn more about Sun Tzu and how his 2,600 year-old system can help you win tomorrow. 

Price includes tax and shipping via USPS media mail. 

NOTE: this is the textbook used for the School Board Races Group Consulting, so if you've signed up for that, the book is included. But, feel free to purchase a second copy to share.