What is Strategy or Strategility

This is the most common discussion we end up having because the word "strategy" is misused so frequently. Every schmuck on a gameshow or business guru of the week proudly claims to "have a winning strategy".  I like to begin at the end and then fill you in, because most of my readers are Executives.  Strategility is a method of consistently advancing your position under a wide variety of competitive conditions. I honestly don't recall who came up with the term, but I know it happened during a conversation with my mentor Gary Gagliardi, so we'll attribute it to him.  Continue reading

Three Levels of Thriving - Lizard Leader

In evaluating an opportunity or facing a challenge, we look to the three levels of reward and goals and arrive at a few leadership archetypes. Here we explore the "Lizard Leader".  Some point to our model and see Maslow's pyramid, and that's fair, and describe parallels to the three levels. A better comparison is MacLean's Tri-une brain theory. Lizard Brain / Prosecutor: MacLean referenced the different structures of human brains and those of animals and divides it into three parts, hence TRI-une brain theory. The three parts provide feedback and crosstalk to form our worldview and our responses to our environment.  The lowest level of the brain is the brain stem and its main function is continuation of living, in a word: survival. He calls this the "reptilian brain" because it is essentially the neural structure of reptiles. Reptiles care only about the "three F's": Food, Fighting for survival, and reproduction or "Finding a mate".  In ServeThrival Leadership this level is exemplified by the archetype of a "prosecutor". The needs and rewards are found in the physical realm. The Lizard people don't often rise to leadership positions, but in some harsh and controlled environments they become managers and sometimes rise to higher stations. The Lizard Leader cares only about money and cares little about how it is made.  Their "search for truth" is limited to that which serves their personal and physical desires. The "search" is limited to those facts that support an existing decision. The Lizard Leader will ignore or trivialize anything that doesn't support their hypothesis.    Continue reading