Shawn Frost -Bio


Shawn R. Frost: an American author, Education Reformer, Entrepreneur, Political Commentator, Sought After Speaker, and Master Strategist.

Shawn (aka Strategy Shawn) has built three companies and positioned them for profitable sale. His current full time venture is MVP Strategy, LLC where he is a chief strategist helping Shape and Share Tales of Victory for small business, corporate, and political clients. 

Shawn jokes that God only blessed him with one gift, but that gift was the ability to find a path to victory. By spending over 20 years becoming an expert in game theory, competitive systems and the psychology of winning, he is uniquely qualified to help clients shape their future.  

He has presented his powerful 5 keys to victory talk to major corporate clients who are excited to learn that he's not going to bore them to death by reading 12 point font PowerPoint presentations with 21 bullet points each. He uses the science of strategy and how it has worked in his life to serve as a story that unravels the 2,500 year old secrets to success first detailed by Sun Tzu.

There are rules, learning them is the difference between success and disaster. It is never too late to learn the rules, and you're never too successful to benefit from them.

Strategy is best described as a system for understanding and shaping your way in the world. It is how you WIN. 

While some report being further motivated by Shawn's strategy presentations, he doesn't consider himself a motivational speaker. Motivation is something that is beyond his control in most cases, because he can't create the motivating environment for those organizations that hire him. Leaders create motivating environments for strategically appropriate behaviors. That's their role. Shawn merely helps them share a common language and a (usually different) perspective on what strategy is and isn't and how strategic agility shapes successful outcomes.

 Strategy is another way of describing how you get from here to a desired future location.

Shawn says that his ideal client is  an individual or leader of an organization that is "ready to blow up", either through frustration with a system that no longer works,  or in a positive manner that they know with a little better competitive methods they could step into a leadership role. 

Before you contact him you'd better be ready to answer the question: "Am I ready to blow up and learn the rules of victory? Am I ready to win?" in the affirmative. 

Shawn lives by the mantra that "time is irreplaceable" and does NOT invest his time with every client who asks and can afford him. 

It's not personal.

He has two policies for accepting clients:

1. He only works with ONE actor in the competitive arena (one candidate in a race, one business in a market)

2. He demands two way confidentiality.

His life's mission is to "help as many people as possible be and do as much as they desire." He calls this attitude: ServeThrival©