Are Teachers Unions in it for kids or money and power?

I once thought that teachers' unions were benevolent organizations with the best interests of children in mind. 


Who wouldn't? We all have beloved teachers who changed our lives or, for parents, the lives of our children. Teachers are great! Sure there are bad apples, as in any profession, but the majority of teachers are wonderful people who care deeply about our children and the education they receive so that they can have the future they deserve. 

It is unfortunately the "bad apples" that are defended by, or worse yet, rise to leadership in the teachers' union because it is a POLITICAL ORGANIZATION. 

watch this brief video where 



As someone who has seen how these political organizations flex their "power" by buying elections or launching spurious attacks against anyone who opposes their position of power, their intent is now crystal clear in my mind: they are protecting a monopoly and care ONLY about the profit they receive in membership dues. 

But surely as teachers they care about kids? Let's look at the the comments of their leadership. 

 from an article in the Meridian Star (a newspaper in Meridian, MS) from August 13, 1985
“American Federation of Teachers President Albert Shanker may have hit the key difference between his organization and both the public and the legislature a couple of years ago when he said, ‘When school children start paying union dues, that’s when I’ll start representing the interests of school children’

But those are just words, perhaps you're taking them out of context. 

Then let's judge them by their actions: