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5 keys to political victory

How does a first time candidate unseat a two term incumbent who is the president of the state organization? I used these five factors as a roadmap to victory. The fact that everyone was left asking "HOW??" is in keeping with the system I've studied for 20 years and taught for 7 years, but was written 2,500 years ago. 

 The five keys to political victory:


  1. Campaign success comes from knowing which races to enter and which to avoid.
  2. Campaign success comes from correctly using both big issues and little ones.
  3. Campaign success comes from sharing the majority's values.
  4. Campaign success comes from seeing the opportunities in change.
  5. Campaign success comes from having a capable candidate and avoiding ideological purity. 

  Master these five categories of knowledge.

You then know the secrets of winning campaigns. "= The Art of War plus the Art of Politics : Strategy for Campaigns. 

by Gary Gagliardi and Shawn R. Frost