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About MVP Strategy and Policy, LLC

What do you do? Win

We win on behalf of our clients and in the process teach them how to win in the shortest, least costly, manner. 

We have unique abilities and assets at our disposal to help you discover, build, or protect your brand by understanding and developing your unique strategic position. We go beyond marketing, communications, public relations, or advertising to do one thing: place you on the path to becoming a world leader in whatever realm you choose.

P.R.I.M.E.D. to WIN!

We work with:

  • Entrepreneurs & inventors
  • Non-profit crusaders
  • Political Candidates
  • Professional athletes
  • Small business owners*
  • Executives*
  • Leaders and Managers*

*includes adults and teens who aren't yet in those roles but want to take the fastest path to success

We have the ability to:


  • Analyze your competitive position
  • Make you popular/ well-known and profitable
  • Take you from idea to dominating your marketspace


MVP Strategy is a solutions oriented organization dedicated to starting, shaping, and sharing tales of victory.

Our approach is based on strategic principles 2,500 years in the making, enhanced by modern business education.

When we work on issues we have a few guiding principles:

  1. the greatest number of people “win”
  2. Community challenges are best solved by community efforts (not by growing government)
  3. Push resources where they are needed and don’t tie them up in overhead
  4. Use education, facilitation, and reward to change behavior (not force or government mandate)
  5. Don’t let the current paradigm dictate the future- ask “why?” and “why not?”
  6. Use local resources and grow local businesses
  7. Don’t wait for “someone” to fix it Just Be Someone SM
  8. Victory must pay for itself
  9. Partner where it makes sense and compete with ineffectiveness and inefficiency
  10. Simplicity is genius

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